Be the change

“Through Fran I learned the power of starting with ‘what I can do better,’ and how this can transform a culture and lead to transformational growth.”

Guy B. Persaud
President Procter & Gamble Co New Business

“In an increasingly complex world, Be the Change offers us a simple, inspiring map to lead (and live) by integrating dilemmas and flowing with continuous learning.”

Joao Adao
Managing Director Facebook South America

“We live in the era of change. With Fran I learnt that for an innovation project to be a success we should have the intention and commitment to honor the best for the business, for the team relationships and for our own beliefs and values.”

Constanza Flores
Latam Marketing Sr. Lead, The Coca-Cola Company

“This book is an invitation to stop leading and learning the hard way. Be the Change is the path to a lot more growth, a whole lot faster, with a lot less trauma.”

Raphael Louis Vitón
Global Director of BuildU at Slalom Build & Co-author of Free the Idea Monkey: To Focus on What Matters Most

Fran Cherny

Fran Cherny (Buenos Aires, 1978) is an entrepreneur and facilitator of cultural transformation processes in organizations. He is a managing partner of Axialent Global, a pioneering international consultancy in promoting conscious change in organizations. His work, together with leaders of multinational companies and their teams, is recognized for generating effective practices that make it possible to solve complex challenges in a sustainable and scalable way. He is passionate about sports and learning about new cultures. He currently lives in Barcelona, with his partner, Gemma, and his two children.

Título: Be the change
Autor: Fran Cherny
ISBN: 978-987-8924-07-6
Cantidad de páginas: 196
Colección: Metrópolis Otros libros
Sello editorial: Metrópolis Libros